Finding the Light

The Start of the Path

A hook? Would the DM do that?

Aranda: Stolen in the Night

In another town, Aranda got word of a mysterious tome in the possession of a wizard called Galen. She knew it was a valuable object and secretly “relieved” him of his burden to protect the tome. With it in her possession, she immediately took to the road with the intention of selling it to a contact in Moonstair.

Chant: The Prophecy of the Trollhaunt

On her travels, Chant encountered Kiera, a young oracle of dubious reputation. For once in her life, Kiera made a prophecy that seems to have meaning behind it, and Chant immediately set out to help the town of Moonstair. The details of this prophecy and encounter are known only to Chant, for Kiera has no memory of making the prophecy.

Galen: Stolen in the Night

The encounter with Aranda and the disappearance of such a valuable artifact caused Galen to give chase to the rogue. Which, as most know, is not an easy task. He did well on his mission, however, and was not too far behind her on the road to Moonstair.

Theren: The Call for Help

On Theren’s travels through a far off village, he was approached in a bar by a dwarven farmer (his profession clear by the muddy overalls and plaid, flannel shirt). “You look like a great adventurer!” The dwarf placed a tankard of ale in front of Theren and sat down across from him. “My name is Harbek Stoneroot and I bring a grave message from the town of Moonstair. An old friend of mine has contacted me in need for help, but I am too old to live the life of an adventurer anymore, and I have a family to look after here. Moonstair is in grave danger of being overrun by trolls, and their own army has taken a great deal of death recently. They’ve put out a call for adventurers and a promise to pay handsomely if you would help them.”

Theren ignored him at first, then quietly rebuffed the old dwarf for bothering him too much. He avoided the proffered ale, and his stony demeanor put up a brick wall to the old adventurer. After a long night of silent brooding, however, Theren made the decision that he might just need a piece of the action, and returned to Stoneroot. He offered to take the name of his old friend, Kelana Dhoram, and thus headed off towards Moonstair.



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