Finding the Light

There May Be Places to Rest

Along the path

Finally the adventurers arrived in Moonstair, armed with the letter that meant they needed to seek out Kelana Dhoram. A few questions around town led them to the Moonstair Keep where they spoke to the mayor and learned a number of important things:

* Skalmad is a powerful troll chieftain who claims to have arcane powers. Some who have ventured into the Trollhaunt report that the creatures of the realm speak of Skalmad having a magic eye. His lair is said to lie in the Great Warren, near the heart of the Trollhaunt. The last group that ventured out after Skalmad, lead by Etheran of Therund, was slaughtered and the heirloom sword was lost.

* Briefly the unidentified sword in their possession was believed to be Sunwrath, but after examining it, it was clear it was not. Kelana recommended they take the sword to Rualiss for identification of the arcane magic.

* Questions raised about the identity of the escaped Oni Mage possibly being Skalmad eventually rejected the possibility.

* Monetary payment has been promised for their efforts to kill Skalmad, as well as the return of the sword Sunwrath to Baron Perenon of Therund.

* When Galen questioned Kelana about the possibility of finding his missing item, she referred him to Cham at the tavern as a source to find out whom to speak to.

During the night they rested at the Cloudwatch Inn,



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