Aranda Duskwalker

A female, half-elf rogue.


Race: half-elf
Class: rogue
Paragon Path: daring acrobat
Weapons wielded: quicksilver cutlass (main hand) & wraithblade dagger (off-hand)


Neither good nor evil, Aranda can best be described as “chaotic self-centered”. Unlike the cunning rogues of thieves’ guilds, she does not think her plans through past the first or second action required, and this has gotten her into a bind on many occasions.

More at home on the sea than any town or countryside, Aranda has spent much of the last five years aboard a number of vessels. Currently shipless, she decided to simply purchase a ship of her own, rather than continuing to be someone’s deckhand. To cover the costs, she has worked a number of jobs. But none were even a quarter as high-paying as a particular prize that was rumored to be on its way to a wizard in a neighboring town. Aranda couldn’t understand why a dusty old book would be so valuable, but she was tired of working menial slash-and-grabs and decided that this was her ticket back to the seas.

Unfortunately for her, the wizard who was to receive the package had taken precautions agianst thieves, and Aranda did not get away as cleanly as she had imagined. On her way to her fence in the town of Moonstair, she realized that the wizard was actually giving chase. She had to admit, he was determined.

Aranda Duskwalker

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