Letter from Kelana Dhoram



Brave and honorable Baron Perenon,

I truly regret that I must send you a multitude of terrible news. May I state in advance my sympathies, and tell you that I, too, am aggrieved by the dreadful events that seem to never stop in these times.

Firstly, I must inform you that your son, Etheran, fell in battle against the trolls. He fought bravely to protect the people of Moonstair, making several expeditions into the Trollhaunt and slaying many of the beasts, but he was defeated before he could find the Troll King. A troll warrior delivered to our town a token proving your son is dead, and declaring the intentions of Skalmad and his “kingdom,” which he calls Vardar.

Regrettably, your ancestral sword was lost as well. We believe it to now be a trophy of the Troll King.

The trolls seem to be even more set on destroying our town, and we believe they will attack quite soon. I am grateful for your help so far, but times are desperate, and I humbly request troops to defend us. The eladrins of Celduilon have pledged to send aid as soon as they can, but they need time. Even if you send help immediately, I fear our town will be destroyed before any help arrives.

May the gods favor us and this letter reach you in time. I hope this is not the last you hear from the people of Moonstair.

Kelana Dhoram

Mayor of Moonstair

  • Found near the Snake Charmers, where Oni/Perrol disappeared
  • Carried by Theren

Letter from Kelana Dhoram

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