Finding the Light

Paths Diverge in the Woods
they do not all lead the same direction
The Road Goes Ever On

For many months Aranda, Galen, and Therrin wandered the lands around Moonstair and the Trollhaunt dealing with the aftermath of the Stone Cauldron’s destruction. Some troubles were easier to solve than others, though more often than not, the quakes had caused tiny cracks to appear between the planes and beasts from all different realms made their way onto the material plane.

Eventually they received a summons from the Baron of Therund himself, requesting their aid in dealing with a beast that had appeared in a ruined village and had wandered out to destroy the neighboring farms and eat the livestock. With the help of the Baron’s associate, the Magister, they put the beast to its death and left a pair of ominous doors behind them, resealing the protective wards that had been broken during the quakes.

As the group returned to the Baron of Therund’s home, rather directionless for the first time in nearly a year, they took a few days for rest and recovery as things seemed to have quieted down in the region.

There May Be Places to Rest
Along the path

Finally the adventurers arrived in Moonstair, armed with the letter that meant they needed to seek out Kelana Dhoram. A few questions around town led them to the Moonstair Keep where they spoke to the mayor and learned a number of important things:

* Skalmad is a powerful troll chieftain who claims to have arcane powers. Some who have ventured into the Trollhaunt report that the creatures of the realm speak of Skalmad having a magic eye. His lair is said to lie in the Great Warren, near the heart of the Trollhaunt. The last group that ventured out after Skalmad, lead by Etheran of Therund, was slaughtered and the heirloom sword was lost.

* Briefly the unidentified sword in their possession was believed to be Sunwrath, but after examining it, it was clear it was not. Kelana recommended they take the sword to Rualiss for identification of the arcane magic.

* Questions raised about the identity of the escaped Oni Mage possibly being Skalmad eventually rejected the possibility.

* Monetary payment has been promised for their efforts to kill Skalmad, as well as the return of the sword Sunwrath to Baron Perenon of Therund.

* When Galen questioned Kelana about the possibility of finding his missing item, she referred him to Cham at the tavern as a source to find out whom to speak to.

During the night they rested at the Cloudwatch Inn,

The Path Is Treacherous
And starting out isn't always easy

Aranda was the adventurer nearest to Moonstair when she happened upon a scene of horror on the trade road. A gang of five ferocious trolls pulled and fought over the carcass of a horse. They squabbled and argued among themselves as they fought for the choicer parts. Rather than engage them in a fight alone, she disguised herself as a Dragonborn and moved silently and stealthily through the thickets that edged the side of the road.

As Aranda attempted to sneak passed them, Theren and Chant appeared on the road and spotted the trolls, though they were lucky not to be noticed themselves. The pair was able to duck behind an old stone wall to hide as they worked out a plan. Galen’s arrival a few minutes later was lucky for all of them, because with three, they felt strong enough to take on the trolls.

It was a fierce battle and the trolls surrounded Theren, Chant, and Galen, but the path was not cleared for Aranda. From out of thin air a blue Oni appeared and engaged her into the main battle with the heavy swing of a great sword and a blast of cold and lightening.

The adventurers fought long and hard, and many were injured to varying degrees, when finally they were able to set fire to each of the five trolls and ended their ability to regenerate and continue the fight. By the time the trolls fell, the Oni was no where to be seen.

Together now, for the moment, the rustle of a thicket ahead of them drew their attention and the plant was set ablaze. Immediately the screams of a human came from within the brambles. A downpour of snow extinguished the flames and exposed the injured form of a courier who sought help from the adventurers in his attempt to get back to Moonstair with a letter for the mayor.

While Chant looked after his injuries, Aranda disappeared on the road and continued on to Moonstair. Without the suspicious rouge afoot, the adventurers trusted the courier on his promise to show them a short cut through the forest. Without realizing just how close they were to their destination, they ventured off the road and into the forests.

The Oni, disguised as the dead courier, lead the adventurers on a “shortcut” through the forest. Deep in the forest, far from a path and stumbling through the underbrush, the three remaining adventurers came upon a clearing and two injured, middle-aged townswomen.

The courier disappeared suddenly, and Galen was immediately suspicious of the women and the sense they were led into a trap. From the trees they were attacked by snakes, and Galen’s suspicions were proven true as the women became ugly bog hags.

The fight was fierce, and in the end the three adventurers tied the remaining hag up on the grass. Galen set fire to her because his belief that she was evil and he could not allow her to live, which angered Theren. In the end, however, it was Theren and Chant who dealt the lethal blows and killed her outright.

After a rest and a closer inspection of the clearing and the forest around it, Galen uncovered the treasures of the bog hags and gave the bag of holding over to Theren without any expectation of loot for himself.

It took some time and some study of the lay of the land, but eventually the adventurers determined the route back to the road and arrived in Moonstair just after nightfall.

The Start of the Path
A hook? Would the DM do that?

Aranda: Stolen in the Night

In another town, Aranda got word of a mysterious tome in the possession of a wizard called Galen. She knew it was a valuable object and secretly “relieved” him of his burden to protect the tome. With it in her possession, she immediately took to the road with the intention of selling it to a contact in Moonstair.

Chant: The Prophecy of the Trollhaunt

On her travels, Chant encountered Kiera, a young oracle of dubious reputation. For once in her life, Kiera made a prophecy that seems to have meaning behind it, and Chant immediately set out to help the town of Moonstair. The details of this prophecy and encounter are known only to Chant, for Kiera has no memory of making the prophecy.

Galen: Stolen in the Night

The encounter with Aranda and the disappearance of such a valuable artifact caused Galen to give chase to the rogue. Which, as most know, is not an easy task. He did well on his mission, however, and was not too far behind her on the road to Moonstair.

Theren: The Call for Help

On Theren’s travels through a far off village, he was approached in a bar by a dwarven farmer (his profession clear by the muddy overalls and plaid, flannel shirt). “You look like a great adventurer!” The dwarf placed a tankard of ale in front of Theren and sat down across from him. “My name is Harbek Stoneroot and I bring a grave message from the town of Moonstair. An old friend of mine has contacted me in need for help, but I am too old to live the life of an adventurer anymore, and I have a family to look after here. Moonstair is in grave danger of being overrun by trolls, and their own army has taken a great deal of death recently. They’ve put out a call for adventurers and a promise to pay handsomely if you would help them.”

Theren ignored him at first, then quietly rebuffed the old dwarf for bothering him too much. He avoided the proffered ale, and his stony demeanor put up a brick wall to the old adventurer. After a long night of silent brooding, however, Theren made the decision that he might just need a piece of the action, and returned to Stoneroot. He offered to take the name of his old friend, Kelana Dhoram, and thus headed off towards Moonstair.


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