A female, tiefling (paladin) runepriest.



  • Appears to have changed a bit after dying and coming back. Is currently throwing around arcane power as a warlock.
  • Paladin is thematically a runepriest, based on divine runes and create her divine spells by tracing runes in the air.
  • Flaming runes of hellfire and damnation!

She grew up/was apprenticed in a library, where she discovered a tome of prehistoric runes of power that are allowing her to siphon power. Using this power, she fights for good and the protection of others!

As much as Chant hid behind this guise and used it to interact and integrate with others, Chants true goals were much less altruistic. She yearned for personal power from the runes, and finding any way to recreate the power of the Turathi empire with her as its savior.

The dire consequences of her methods came to a head when she nearly died, and in her weakened state, the devil she was leeching power from ejected her soul to its realm in the Nine Hells and inhabited her body.

At the end of the adventure to find the powerful Well of the troll king, possessed-Chant betrayed her travelling companion, and she took control of the artifact. Thus predicated a major shake up of the planes.


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