Galen Trannyth

A male, human wizard who is accompanied on his travels by a cat sleeping upon a floating disk.


Race: human
Class: wizard
Paragon Path: battle mage
Weapons Wielded: mnemonic staff


Galen, like many wizards, has spent most of his life in libraries and traveling between different institutions for higher knowledge. He was always raised to believe that, while magic is certainly a gift, with it comes a responsibility to do no harm to others. Magic should be to heal and protect, not conquer and enslave. He generally believes in doing what is best for the greater good, even if many a paladin would not agree with him on any one point for not being “lawful” enough. Stemming from this belief is his hatred of all things evil, that would prey upon innocents for their own desires.

Early in his life, he had the chance to slay another wizard whom he had confronted about her abuse of magical power. Even though she was known to frequently turn to dark magic to give her spells an extra edge over others, Galen could not bring himself to end the life of his friend. Later, she went on to slaughter several small villages in her quest for greater power, before she was finally killed by warriors in a neighboring hamlet. Galen never forgave himself. He blamed himself for the loss of life and vowed never to show weakness like that again. Soon after, he left the quiet halls of the library to train with war wizards and even a few melee masters.

A day or so after he left the cloistered life of an academic, Galen gained a loyal—if haughty— companion. He first met Nyla in the market square of the town he was in. She was in bad shape; malnourished, dirty, obviously the victim of abuse over the course of her young life. He took her in, nursed her, gave her a home. And she has been with him ever since.

Recently, after several years of training and battle-hardening, Galen finally felt that he could return to a more quiet life. Maybe not entirely set apart from the world as he had been before, but not quite as continually in the fray as the past few years had been. It was recently after he had made the decision to retire his armored robes that he was told by one of his former mentors of a great opportunity that would be open to him, should he choose to accept. It entailed taking custody of a certain valuable artifact, a powerful, ancient tome of which only a select few knew of its existence. He accepted eagerly, and was making the final preparations to receive this artifact when it was so unceremoniously stolen by a woman with black hair and a pirate swagger. At this affront, Galen quickly donned his battle robes once again and gave chase to retrieve that priceless treasure and return it to its rightful place.

Galen Trannyth

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