Finding the Light

The Road Goes Ever On

For many months Aranda, Galen, and Therrin wandered the lands around Moonstair and the Trollhaunt dealing with the aftermath of the Stone Cauldron’s destruction. Some troubles were easier to solve than others, though more often than not, the quakes had caused tiny cracks to appear between the planes and beasts from all different realms made their way onto the material plane.

Eventually they received a summons from the Baron of Therund himself, requesting their aid in dealing with a beast that had appeared in a ruined village and had wandered out to destroy the neighboring farms and eat the livestock. With the help of the Baron’s associate, the Magister, they put the beast to its death and left a pair of ominous doors behind them, resealing the protective wards that had been broken during the quakes.

As the group returned to the Baron of Therund’s home, rather directionless for the first time in nearly a year, they took a few days for rest and recovery as things seemed to have quieted down in the region.



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